• On and on and on... - Urangan Pier - Hervey Bay, Queensland
  • Elkington Grass
  • The Sentinel - Shelly Beach, Cronulla NSW
  • Harbour Lace - A image of the intricate steelwork that is Sydney Harbour Bridge - Sydney, Australia
  • Crumpled
  • Burnt Out - Princes Pier - Melbourne, Victoria
  • Shadow Sails - Shelly Beach, Cronulla NSW
  • Filtered Light - Cockatoo Island - Sydney, NSW
  • Nestled
  • Constant Motion - Oxford Street - London, UK
  • Antique White
  • Little Austi - Little Austinmer Beach, NSW

Capturing a moment in time that lasts forever...

Hello my name is Glenda and GiGee Photography was born out of my passion of photography that was instilled in me as a child by my father.

For me photography is an ongoing evolution of always learning and experimenting with the many genres of photography.  I simply don't want to close my eyes to all the beauty in the world and the creative possibilities of capturing the image by placing myself in anyone category or style. 

I could write pages on what photography is to me but I think the innocence of this quote from Paula Bernal - Grade 8 says it all:

"I like photography because pictures are full of memories and every time you take a picture you are capturing memories inside"

Prints from the galleries are available for purchase on a variety of mediums.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions or queries you may have and don't forget to follow me on facebook and instagram for regular updates.